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The Polyploid Supercannabis Revolution

Join the Argentine cannabis community and be part of the revolution by developing our super polyploid genetics from home

Simplifying Science, Making Triploids Easy

We’ve demystified the process, making it accessible for everyone. Now, you can easily create triploid cannabis strains in your home.

Become a Cannabis Hacker

Let’s hack the genetic code of cannabis together. Harness groundbreaking techniques and tools to transform how we grow, breed, and understand this incredible plant.


What is polyploid SuperCannabis?

SuperCannabis is a cannabis genetic selected for its high adaptation to polyploid induction which has several advantages compared to a common cannabis plant.

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Common cannabis is a diploid plant, it has two sets of chromosomes, but what if we could take it further?

This is where polyploid cannabis comes into play, being More powerful, Bigger and with A lot More Flowers. These super plants, with more than two sets of chromosomes, have the potential to achieve higher THC content, larger size, and be stronger.

We can say that the cannabis that we all know and love it's similar to a pokemon before it evolves… So what if we could evolve it to a stronger and better version?
The polyploid version of your plant is the ‘Charizard’ of your usual cannabis… and the best part is that we don't need an Evolutionary stone to achieve this :-)
With a home Lab and the instructions in our videos, we can all make it.

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Join Our Global Cannabis Revolution

From Argentina to the World!

We’re opening our doors wider inviting enthusiasts from every corner of the globe to redefine the future of cannabis with us.

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Examples of Triploid cannabis Source: Oregon CBD USA

Benefits of polyploid plants


Polyploid plants tend to be bigger, making them more resistant to diseases and pests

More flowers

Polyploid plants tend to have a higher performance in terms of flowers and resin production.


Polyploid plants tend to be more tolerant to environmental stress conditions, such as droughts or frosts


The plants that have uneven chromosomes (triploidy) are infertile! The neighbor`s male cannot pollinate us.

What is the project about?

We are going to induce polyploidy in thousands of cannabis genetics around the world, from home, turning ourselves into hacker scientists.
The goal is to find the genetic and phenotype that best respond to polyploid mutation.
Together, we will create a variety of Super Cannabis.

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In our PAPERS section you will find a series of fascinating research of polyploid cannabis. Although most of these studies show positive results, they have a limitation in common, their focus is very restricted.
A lot of these studies work with a very limited number of genetics, generally trying on 10 to 12 plants (phenotypes) of the same genetics.

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We are convinced that to find that perfect genetic and phenotype, we need to go further and test on a wider variety of plants.
This is where you can make a difference.
We are going to transform our houses in Labs and each of us into scientists.
Together as a community we will replicate a laboratory polyploid induction protocol, following a simple process and repointing our findings in an online database.

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We are not scientists, we are passionate growers, and that is our superpower. A legion of 500 growers testing two phenotypes each in a three month cycle, can you imagine it? We can achieve in three months what would take large companies and laboratories two years. Together we will discover the perfect genetics and phenotype for the polyploid mutation.

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And once we found it, we are going to share the results freely with the entire world, demonstrating Argentinas leadership in cannabis innovation.
We firmly believe in the power of share knowledge and collaboration.
Working together, we can achieve extraordinary results.

Join us in pioneering the next generation of cannabis, become a part of the polyploid revolution today!

Do you want to join the Polyploid cannabis revolution?

To participate in our first stage, in which we are going to demonstrate the advantages of a polyploid plant you have to:


Start by germinating or growing a cannabis plant of your favorite genetic at home.
Once that your plant is growing, you will choose a branch or the entire plant to transform into polyploid, using a procedure that we will explain in this detailed video tutorial.
Everything that grows from that branch will be polyploid, while the rest of the plant will remain unaffected.
Also, if you have recently germinated seeds, we will provide you with instructions for mutating entire plants.


Observe and monitor the growth of your plant. So you can compare the development of the mutated branch with the unmodified branches.
You will see that the polyploid branch becomes stronger and bigger.
Our goal is to find a transformation as drastic and powerful as the one of the incredible Hulk.


Once a week you will upload a series of data, that is defined in a formulary, to this website (difference in plant mass, flowering time, pest impact, resistance to fungi, terpenes and number of flowers, etc).
We will use a scale from -10 to 10 to complete this data, for example on the quantity of resin, if the mutated branch produces 50% more resin it is a +5, if the mutated branch does not produce resin it is a -10 you will also upload a photo and a short description of your observations in each post. Later your observations will be confirmed by the rest of the community through a vote.
Imagine thousands of stoner scientists working together on the same project!


Together using the database we have compiled, we will select the genetics that mutated best based on the values entered and the photos provided.
We will prepare a ranking of the top 10 to advance to stage 2.
This selection will be made by voting among all participants in a special tasting event to be announced soon.

Do you want to be part of our botnet and become a cannabis scientist?