For every plant or mutation they destroyed, we will inspire each of you to plant and mutate 100 more.

For every discovery about this plant that a Machiavellian company wants to patent for their own use, we will help you to uncover, enhance, and protect it.

At Supercannabis, we're a band of green misfits hackers, authorized phytoimprovers, and nerdy cannabis activists from Argentina.

We've navigated chaos, dodged bureaucratic snares, and put prohibitionist justice on high alert by cultivating gigantic polyploid plants, visible at @lahuertadeldiablo in our country Argentina.

However, we've recently faced a colossal challenge, our licenced laboratory and outdoor headquarters were unjustly raided by the police, despite possessing all legal permits for phytogenetic improvement, and the production of cuttings and seeds, along with our research activities.

Everything was taken from us, lights, pots, substrates, indoor growing equipment, laboratory tools, rosin presses, and even our permits, the cops take all, from computers to agar-agar!

Worst of all, they destroyed every plant at our main facility, every polyploid, every albino, every reversed male, and all cannabis/hops hybrids developed in our research projects were cut down, one by one, without any justification, merely on the order of a prohibitionist prosecutor.

But here's the thing, despite this setback, we refuse to give up. INASE, the government agency that authorizes our work, has confirmed our rights as phytoimprovers. So, what's next?

Well, exactly what any group of cannabis science rebels would do...

We call for a knowledge revolution!

The only way to ensure that knowledge survives in an environment where cannabis prohibitionists will do everything to destroy it is to share it.

We've decided to make our projects collaborative, open to everyone from home growers to companies and labs, as long as they're willing to share their discoveries for all.

In this way, prohibitionist forces can never again destroy our work because it will be spread across the globe. We will be thousands of scientists in our homes!

Currently, we are working on three projects:

Polyploid Supercannabis
(project start 06/06/2022 in Argentina open to all countries May 12/2024)

Supermacho YY
Sexual Reversion of Male Plants
(public project starts Jul 01/2024)

Hybridization of Hops and Cannabis
(in the setup stage)

Are you ready to join one of our projects and help expand knowledge about cannabis around the globe?

You can create your first mutation.

Contact us if you want more information.

Or become a sponsor of any of the projects and help us acquire new laboratory equipment.