Join Our Project!

There are three ways to collaborate with us, whether you're a cultivator, a scientist, or a business.

For Cultivators

The most impactful way you can help is by participating in our experiments.

Test the mutations, document your findings, and share detailed photos and descriptions of your results here.

The goal of this project is to learn and share knowledge collectively. Your contributions are crucial as they provide real-world insights into the practical applications of our research.

For Scientists

Welcome aboard! We are passionate growers with a deep curiosity and a hacker’s spirit, not university-trained scientists.

We need experts like botanists, biologists, and agronomists to guide, correct, and expand upon our work.

Your expertise can help validate and refine the information we share.

Don’t hesitate to propose new projects and join us in this exploratory journey. Your collaboration is vital for the advancement of our collective knowledge.

For Companies, A Call to Industry Rebels

We are looking for sponsors to support the revolution.
Visionary companies, ready to challenge the status quo, are invited to sponsor our research.

By funding our investigations, you can help disseminate valuable knowledge throughout the community.

Not a company but still want to help?

You can make a significant impact by donating to our BTC or ETH addresses below. Your contributions will fund new laboratory equipment and support our ongoing research efforts.



Together, we can pioneer groundbreaking work in cannabis science. Thank you for standing with us!

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