How to mutate from seedlings to polyploids

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Colchicine to Cannabis Seedlings

We’re diving into the process of inducing polyploidy in cannabis seedlings using colchicine.

This guide will cover each step carefully to ensure safety and effectiveness. Remember, always wear gloves when handling colchicine to protect your skin, and take care not to ingest or inhale it.

Materials Needed:

Colchicine Petri dish or container with a lid Protective gloves Timer Water (dechlorinated)

Step 1 Prepare Your Seedlings

Place the seedlings in a Petri dish or any shallow container with a lid. This will be your working area to apply the colchicine.

Step 2 Prepare the Colchicine Solution

Step 3 Application

Gently moisten the seedlings with the colchicine solution. An alternative method is to submerge the seedlings completely, but this is riskier and may increase the chance of harming the plant. Use a dropper or small spray bottle for a controlled application.

Step 4 Waiting Period

Leave the seedlings in the colchicine solution for the chosen amount of time, typically between 8 to 24 hours. Note that extending this duration can be detrimental to the seedlings' health.

Step 5 Rinse Thoroughly

After the waiting period, rinse the seedlings three times with dechlorinated water to remove all traces of colchicine. This step is crucial as any residue can continue to affect the plant’s development.

Step 6 Transplantation

Plant the treated seedlings in your preferred growing medium. At this point, the seedlings are considered polyploid.

Step 7 Documentation and Follow-Up

Document each step of the process with photos and detailed descriptions. Upload this information to our website to track the progress and share your results with the community. Monitoring the development of the seedlings is essential to understanding the effects of the treatment.

By following these steps, you can safely and effectively induce polyploidy in your cannabis seedlings.

This process not only enhances the genetic makeup of the plants but also contributes to our ongoing research and understanding of plant sciences.

Apply Colchicine on seedlings

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